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thene ([personal profile] thene) wrote2014-04-24 12:14 am

tl;dr I accidentally

of course now I do have time to blog, I'm not feeling it.

highlights reel:
-the part where I yelled at Mr Slime and this accidentally caused him to subsequently treat me in an almost human fashion and I thus unfortunately wussed out of telling him to go fuck himself when my contract wound up last week. He offered to pay me to do more gift tax returns for him and I have developed this really unfortunate fascination with gift taxes and I am a complete sucker and this is why (see two posts down) Ting described this guy as a 'glory hole'.
-the part where I went to NYC to see Jessca & Kate (who were there for a con) and got my metropolitan fix on and bought a glorious new handbag which is GREEN, at Kate's instigation. I did start typing a blog post while I was there but all it says is that walking in Manhattan is always the right answer.
-I live in the ugliest house in Somerville and there is a leak in the kitchen roof and I am really, really happy and so is my dog. There were unexpected flowers in the front garden; daffodils already dying, tulips just come into bloom and a sempervivium. My commute is now under 25 minutes, and we have a guest room, a washer and a dryer, and a tiny backyard for doge to doge in. Huge quality of life upgrades here.
-in order to fulfil extravagant plans, my boss at Zombies, Inc now wants me and The Cyborg to get some kind of securities license; he says he's not yet sure which out of serieses 7, 79 or 82. Any of these is some serious 'never be unemployed or work a shit job ever again' stuff. And I never intended to get into finance and have only done so completely by accident, and this describes at least 90% of my life (the parts that actually work, at least).

things I would actually like to blog about but probably won't:
-the way employment is, lately, being sold to me not as a way for me to make money but as a way for me to have superficial contact with people who have money, as if, should I talk to enough moneycelebs or do enough of their slimy tax returns, somehow my standing in life will eventually improve by sheer osmosis even as the work itself keeps me as far away from said money as possible. I am supposed to be impressed. I can't get over the way that people who would swear up and down that humans are perfectly rational economic actors completely abandon this principle when it comes to employing other humans. Did I mention what a huge gift the recession was to abusers of every variety. <--I'm having trouble articulating how this is related but it so is.
-everything I try to write about loving Zombies, Inc sounds silly. It is; I still get detached and inwardly sneering when anyone (ie. my boss) tries claiming there is anything special about it. There's this alchemy of closeness and knowhow, but that has everything to do with being alive and nothing to do with making money. Ps I still kinda hate my job but I am getting way better at it lately, probably by accident.

I would also like to play FFXIII-3 :(