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I'm Thene. I just moved to Boston because I could, so I am kinda busy right now, and have a lot of journal updates to not write. I'm here to read, write, work, explore, respond, and make things complicated. I post fanfics on certain LJ comms, and sometimes on AO3 if I feel un-shy about them, and these days that tends to be how people on the internet get to know me.

This Dw is a mirror of my Deadjournal, thus mostly consists of one line entries/chatlogs/rants/linkspams and locked posts that are a little more srs and, often as not, batshit.

I am less than fond of the ongoing attempt to box humans into ever tinier categories; I am an immigrant, I am attracted to people of varying gender, I am a follower of Set (or vice versa) but not necessarily a theist, I am inclined to be female and masculine. I think living conditions are more important to us than anything and therefore I have a socialist feminist perspective but will criticise either of those movements, and I am fascinated by finance, urbanisation and by the history of technology. I am good at being poor due to years of low-or-no income but currently I'm learning to be bad at having money. I am in a long-term relationship with someone I met on a videogaming BBS. I like things that make me feel new feelings or think new thinkings. I like taking long walks with my dog and enjoying the beauty of the real world. I am not on tumblr, facebook or twitter actually i am on twitter @s3thene. Add me, if you want to. I'll probably add you back.

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