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thene ([personal profile] thene) wrote2015-01-04 11:02 pm

i don't do resolutions

Idk it seems too permanent. Can one un-resolve later if you realise you're full of shit? I am always full of shit. doubtless due to an aversion to making decisions I thrive on the liminal. The great thing about working tax prep is the year doesn't end until April. I like telling people that the English traditional New Year is March 25th (Lady Day). I read something a long time ago (I think on the old Freyasdottir page, which I can't even turn up on the Wayback Machine any more) about year-cycles phasing in gradually; you do the math.

I feel like I spent 2014 not so much treading water as swimming sluggishly in circles - always trying to drag myself to the next anchor point. I don't even know what I did last year. I didn't write worth shit (though I did get most of the way through what will be the longest thing I've ever written, ~50k), I didn't get anywhere new professionally (but I was working 3 jobs until April, and I did do a ton of stuff I'd never done before. Including the part where I made $100 in an hour freelance), I didn't go anywhere new or meet anyone knew (though I got to know Kip much better and now she's marrying my brother). We made more than we ever have and I haven't saved a dime. Something always came up - the house, my grotesque capital gains taxes, the winter bills I had to catch up on, Fly's trip here, the car, the dog, our trip to London, a mess over our real estate taxes, my laptop dying... Things always will come up. Not much to do about it except trying to make more money. Did I mention A CHIMNEY BRICK FELL THROUGH THE CEILING OF THE GUEST ROOM <--why I'm getting a second job

ugh I will probably enjoy having a tax job in a general wellbeing sense but a) I don't want to look at my resume and try to think of how to make my Mr Slime experiences sound appealing, b) I can't look at my resume because my laptop is dead and I am typing this entry on this stupid chromebook that my wrists hate. I don't even have to try that hard, because cuddlejob would take me back in a heartbeat, but I want to at least try getting paid more if I have to have that shitty a commute on a Saturday.

I got my skates sharpened last week. Boston schools go back this week, and tomorrow is the only day next week it'll be above freezing, so some lunchtime exercise will happen.


If I have told you to come visit me, please be assured that the guest room is not actually dangerous. Really, when you see how it's laid out you'll understand. The brick incident was right in the corner by the door. And we're going to get the chimney levelled off asap. No really just come visit me please.

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