thene: Frank at the end of TTS, with his facemask open. (frank)
thene ([personal profile] thene) wrote2014-02-02 10:56 pm

bullet points

-I have delirious flu except with totally unfun delirium that just makes my thoughts cut-out midstream. really. you have no idea how long it took to type this.

-so, Friday night, we went to look at a house in Somerville that we'd previously ignored because of how spectacularly ugly and weird it looked in the photographs. Up close, it was even more hideous than we'd thought. It's also huge, the batshit layout is actually amazing, and all the things that are horrifyingly wrong with it are fairly cosmetic. We really, really want to do this. We are trying to do this. It is SO DAMN UGLY no one else wants anything to do with it, which helps, and K intends to submit it as her undergraduate art thesis.

-the new love of my life is GIFT TAX RETURNS; I did six at the kitchen table yesterday morning. I need to write some posts about all the amazing ways in which Mr Slime is showing me how to Make Rich People Richer, The RPG (it is the best RPG, i cannot stop playing, partly because 'work from home' is a nebulous enough concept that it amuses me to see what else I can be doing while also billing Mr Slime for my time; driving to the Ugly House, playing board games, etc.)

-upshots; I had a short shift at job #2 today, made a really basic dinner for everyone, and then spent most of the evening vaguely bored because I finished that book and have forgotten what fun is.

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