Jan. 26th, 2014

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-i'm annoyingly tired. This may be related to the 'I accidentally 3 jobs' thing. Had first shift with Mr Slime today, did one asshole's return for the sake of learning the program and took another asshole's return home with me to do, like, whenever. Tuesday night, I figure. It's a gift tax return; rare enough that I've never seen one before and Mr Slime admitted he had no idea how to answer my questions about how to do it. I will do it, feel wizardly about this, and then return it one morning before going to Zombies Inc. Due to lack of space at home, I have decided to keep all my Mr Slime-related paperwork etc in my Midnight Crew tote bag.

Mr Slime is still slimy, but I hate him a little less now than I did on first sight. This may be partly because he made noises about paying me more than the $15/hr figure that I had floated with the Useless People. On the minus side, he preemptively shot down my hopes that he'd let me abuse his software for self-employment purposes. Enough friends/coworkers want me to do their shit that I can cover my overheads, tho.

-OH AND my Enrolled Agent shit arrived on Saturday. There was a certificate, which is only surprising in that it's actually illegal for an EA to describe themselves as having been 'certified' by the IRS so i am a bit confused about them mailing me a fucking certificate. What is even better though is the WALLET CARD. I have a CARD IN MY WALLET that says i am ENROLLED TO PRACTICE BEFORE THE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE so I can whip this out in social situations when appropriate, ie, never. (I did show Mr Slime, and he said congrats, aw.)

-we are househunting in a semi-serious fashion, hampered by the fact that M is kinda busy, I am really busy, and K's cat are sick. :( We have yet to see a place we liked enough for it to be worth piling out of here, though.

-over at Zombies Inc, I get my first minion tomorrow. I reaaaaally liked her in the interview, so I have hopes that this will be totally awesome. There has been this mildly excruciating back-and-forth about my job title; boss has been WANTING me to have minions since October, and the new business cards (ikr) have me down as a 'Research Manager'. I got bumped to salaried over Thanksgiving in an excruciating fashion - boss didn't tell me, and I got pretty freaked by getting paid for a whole week when the office was closed for half of it, and then had to go ask my boss why I was getting paid too much, excruciation etc. so tomorrow I am going to start using the title on my email sig, thus beginning my slide into the land of startup job title inflation.

-reading House of Suns by Alastair Reynolds, and it is SO GOOD, especially if you like clonecest and sexbots and really, really huge units of time. wish I had something to write? I am making another push to finish sep, here and there, but unfortunately sep is both shitty and uncooperative and I wish I had something easier to write.


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