Aug. 7th, 2014


Aug. 7th, 2014 08:41 pm
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amongst many other things, i am an art.

A few months back (it was freezing fucking cold, is all I remember, so it could have been any time through middle of April) I passed a girl with a mic on Winter Street who was asking strangers about time travel because apparently the City of Boston had paid her to do this. I stopped and unloaded all the shit in my head about the future, technological determinism and the Pill and exactly how we are going to fuck everything up next. The past couple of weeks, she's been back in the alleyway painting murals and setting up her sound installation and she told me that yeah, my voice is going to be in it a couple of times. I HUGGED HER IN GREAT AGITATION. I walk past this shit on my way to work every damn day. Maximal public embarrassment next few months oh god I can't wait. I added her on twitter and everything.

I'm busy applying for a federal contract that would, if we get it, maybe treble the revenue of Zombies, Inc; none of us have done anything remotely like this before but if you have something big, wordy and governmenty to do damn right you throw it at me. Stressed to hell and nothing has ever been so easy and it can only get easier. Hang on for three more weeks, and it gets easier.

Two weeks ago, My Friend was hanging his head in his hands and declaring that it was 'like playing poker from a short stack for two years'; I would like him to be able to sleep again soon. This month's buzzword, which I caught shortly afterwards, is full-stack startup and it works in the sense of clambering up the ladder and seeking progressively more rent off of higher and higher rungs of it.

I need to sleep, because tomorrow morning I have to go drop off some gift taxes for Mr Slime. He really hates gift taxes so I told him I'd do it for $100 a pop and he said yes? This took me under an hour. It is so almost easy that I am figuring the next step down will be total societal meltdown because my life has to cycle down sometime (law of the desert) and given how much else is going right I am not seeing any other way.

Worse than not writing; I'm not finishing stuff. Up to my tits in shit AUs and trying to just not worry about the fact I have nothing remotely likely to ever see daylight; just let it roll, because eventually something will surface in monstrous fashion and I should at least feed it up first. And then I went back to frags, shitpoetry and 750words logs from years ago and there's things there I needed to say? Things where I am trying to get to grips with what is happening around me? Daylight doesn't have to matter; the flow is worth it.


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