Jul. 16th, 2014

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Zombies, Inc continues to escalate into hybrid sitcom genres; most recently, a) boss randomly offered a job to a kid who teaches boxing & MMA at his gym. This kid (henceforth The Pugilist) appears to be really fucking good at said job, so all's good. b) boss's previous company just relocated to the other side of our block. We ran into them in a nearby bar and everything. The Bond Girl feared it would be awkward & force her to switch $tarbuck$e$ but it's really not, they're cool people, it's all good.


So yesterday someone we know there called My Friend because they were watching The Pugilist and my boss boxing on the roof. This has been happening at 5pm every night for about a week, because idk what is the point of being a rich old white man with a startup if you can't hire your own personal trainer for shits and giggles.

The Cyborg is, in the middle of this, trying to draft a list of corporate cultural principles to post on the wall (...I know. Dude, I love you but you are an actual machine), and we failed to persuade him to c/p rules of Fight Club. And My Friend hung his head in his hands and asked me to name anything, anything, that had happened here that was more bizarre than boss's former employees calling us about Rooftop Fight Club and I came up blank.

Comings and goings; Wolfie quit and without malice we have all been noting how tremendously much more functional the whole show is without him; Curly picked the wrong hill to die on and duly did so, which really depressed all but one of us; in addition to The Pugilist, we are also joined by Tiny Zombie, Tidy Zombie, and the Belle.

Drunk on Friday afternoon three weeks ago, I looked around and decided that if I did write real character portraits of the people I work with the tone would be a little like A Group That Almost Became Historic and it will probably go up in flames about as fast. I'm studying for Series 7, which may even be worthwhile. There is too much other shit I need to not let drop off the map, and am failing, which just makes me look back and go wtf how did I ever SURVIVE in the past much less DO ANYTHING; everything keeps getting easier, just a little bit easier every time something changes.

I miss being able to write. Trying.

I've almost finished Final Fantasy XIII-3, which is all mood and sidequests and no plot and it still manages to get the huge joke better than XIII-2 did. Fun as hell, and I also really like Lightning's character voice in it; it's surer than it was in the base game, even. I've done everything except finished it; stopped to [not] write for a while.

This is not what I meant to not write tonight, but hey.


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